What's New - 2022

Updated Forms and Calculations - All forms have been updated to current specifications.

Email manager - Optional module manages the emailing of individual W2s and 1099s to recipients who have opted in.

QuickEntry - This feature has been brought back from prior years and has been enhanced.  You can enter records using a spreadsheet style entry.   All detail information is displayed as you work within a list of records.

Enhanced Form Lists - On the listing of forms entered for each payor, we are now displaying all recipient information pertaining to the highlighted record.  This alleviates the need to zoom in to the record.

Modernized User Interface - The coloring and highlighting of our browse lists has been enhanced for better clarity.

Drag and Drop from Last Year - Dragging and Dropping from the prior year now has more flexibility.  You can tag multiple records and place drop them in the current year.

QuickBooks Online 1099 Import - Now recognizes Excel spreadsheets directly exported from QB without having to save as a CSV file.

Sort by Edit Date - This option has been added to the report dialog screen.

Electronic Filing - Updated to current specifications.  Enhanced the ability to select individuals from mulitple payors.  For 1099s an automatic snapshoot of the receipt page is taken and the receipt number is stored for you in the electronic filing log.

Show Hot - You can now tag payors as being HOT.  Checking the box to show HOT will only display those payors.

Enhanced Duplexing - We have improved the duplexing feature for those who like to print instructions on the back of the form.

Enhanced Electronic Filing Transmission Log - The log will now distinguish between original, corrected and replacement files.

Include a note sheet - You can optionally include a note sheet that will print before each recipient's form for special instructions or anything you like.

1094/1095 ACA add-on module - Fully updated module for 1095-c/ 1094 reporting.

Service Bureau Available - Use our Service Bureau if you don't have the time to print/mail/efile.

and much more...

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